Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Thing # 24 - Is it the end or only the beginning?

     I really enjoyed this project.  I have learned so much about the internet and tried websites that I would not have if not required to by this class.   I really liked Thing #21: Animoto, Thing #7: Flickr, Thing#6 discovering Web 2.0 tools,  Thing#13: Google Drive, Thing # 8: Flickr mashups, and Thing# 20: Beyond YouTube.

     I have enjoyed blogging.  I never thought I would ever blog, but this project through me right out there and said "sink or swim".   I see a lot of benefits from blogging and plan to continue.  I am excited to try to integrate it into my classroom and get my kids blogging also.

     I am still not sure about Tweeting.   I will have to give it some time to see if I really enjoy it.  I have been given some great advice from fellow students about the tweeting and all the wonderful things Twitter can do for me.   But, I am still a little hesitant.  But, I am trying to tweet daily.  Send me a friend request, if you want to help me out.

     There were a few assignments that I am not sure how I will best use them in the future.  Or, for that matter, if I will use them.   But, I really enjoyed this project and would not change one "Thing" about it.  (Sorry…. I know that was corny. )    I learned a lot in the class and with this project.  I am better for both and am really glad I completed it.  

Watch out world, a blogger has been born.    See you all soon!

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